Alters the characteristics of an output spoolfile. (CM)


                        {;DEFER             }
{;COPIES=numcopies }
ALTSPOOLFILE{#Onnn}{;DEV={ldev2 } }[;...]
{ldev1} {devclass}


#Onnn               The output device file identification of a

ldev1 The logical device number of the device where an
ACTIVE spoolfile currently resides.

outputpriority Specifies the output priority of the designated
device file ( 0 = lowest; 14 = highest).

numcopies Specifies the number of copies to be produced from
the designated device file. Range is 1 through 127;
default is 1.

ldev2 or devclass Specifies the logical device number or device class
name of the spoolfile's destination device. If
ACTIVE, the file is returned to the READY state. It
may immediately become ACTIVE on ldev2 if all
requirements are met.

DEFER Immediately changes the output priority of an ACTIVE
or READY spoolfile to 0. If ACTIVE, the file is
returned to the READY state.


The operator uses ALTSPOOLFILE to change the printing
priority of a spoolfile, to increase or decrease the number
of copies produced, and/or to change the destination device
or class.

When altering an ACTIVE spoolfile, first take the output
device offline. This gives you time to enter the command
and determine that the ACTIVE spoolfile is the file being
printed. When the ALTSPOOLFILE command has been sent to
the spooler process, MPE/iX returns the colon prompt (:).
No change to the spoolfile will be made, however, until the
output device is returned online.

This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command. It
is executable from the console by users with OP or SM
capability, and it may be distributed to users with the ALLOW
or ASSOCIATE commands.


If you are altering ;PRI or ;COPIES in an ACTIVE spoolfile there is no
need to take the output device offline. These two parameters can be
altered while the device is online.

You may alter the outputpriority or the numcopies of an
ACTIVE spoolfile without interrupting the printing process.
If you alter the device or defer the ACTIVE spoolfile with
the DEFER parameter, the printer will stop immediately. In
both of these cases, the entire file will be printed when
printing resumes. Deferring a spoolfile lowers its output
priority to zero, the lowest priority possible. To print a
deferred spoolfile, you must raise its priority above the
current OUTFENCE using the ALTSPOOLFILE command.

If you intend to print a spoolfile on an HP 2680A Laser Page
Printer, you may add an environment file to it before


     To defer the ACTIVE spoolfile (#O86) on ldev 6, take device 6
offline, then enter




To change the priority of deferred spoolfile #O123 from 0 to
3 enter



Commands:  OUTFENCE

Manuals :  Performing System Operation Tasks (32650-90137)