Commands for Managing Devices

ABORTIO/ Aborts one pending I/O request for a device.
ASSOCIATE Gives a user operator control of a device.
DISASSOCIATE Removes operator control of a device from a user.
DOWN Removes a device from normal system use.
DOWNLOAD Downloads format information to a line printer.
HEADOFF Stops header/trailer output to a device.
HEADON Starts header/trailer output to a device.
REFUSE Disables jobs/sessions (and/or data) on a device.
SET Sets terminal configuration.
SETMSG Enables/disables receipt of messages on the terminal.
SHOWDEV Reports the status of I/O devices
SHOWIN Reports the status of input devices.
SHOWOUT Reports the status of output devices.
SPEED Sets the I/O speed for a terminal.
SPOOLER Manages spoolfile devices.
STREAMS Enables/disables the STREAMS device -- allows user
to submit job/data streams to a designated device.
UP Returns device (not disk) stopped with DOWN command
to normal function on the system.