Downloads format information to a line printer.  (CM)


     DOWNLOAD ldev [,filename ] [,...]


ldev                The logical device number of the output device.
                    This device must be an HP 2608 or HP 2563 line

filename            The fully qualified name of a file
                    containing the download control information.

nn                  The print position that the first byte of data will
                    assume.  This number can be between 1 and 16,
                    inclusive.  Note that the HP 2608 Hardware
                    documentation discusses a margin offset which varies
                    from 0-15. This offset is not relevant to the margin
                    parameter of the DOWNLOAD command, as the software
                    compensates for the hardware offset of nn -1.


     The operator uses the DOWNLOAD command to transmit format
     information to system printers only.  It cannot be used with
     remote printers.

     The Vertical Format Control (VFC) image file (filename) can
     define the margin setting as well as the VFC image on an HP
     2608A or HP 2608S line printer.  The number of print lines
     per form is limited to 127.  Although the HP 2608S printer
     recognizes the DOWNLOAD command, Hewlett-Packard recommends
     controlling the HP 2608S with an environment file rather
     than the DOWNLOAD command.  You cannot download a VFC file
     to HP 2631B printer, only the MARGIN=nn is allowed.

     If the MARGIN=nn parameter is specified on an HP 2608A or HP
     2608S, and a MARGIN record has also been specified in the
     VFC file, the MARGIN record in the VFC file overrides the
     MARGIN parameter of the DOWNLOAD command.  This parameter
     should only be used in cases where there is no MARGIN record
     in the VFC file.

     When a particular print job has requirements for forms
     and/or a VFC file, the user will indicate this need via a
     FORMS message.  (Refer to "EXAMPLE".)

     Do not issue a DOWNLOAD command to an HP 2608S while a
     spoolfile is ACTIVE.  This will make the device UNAVAILABLE,
     and it will remain so until the system is restarted with a

     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command. It
     may be issued only from the console unless distributed to users
     with the ALLOW or ASSOCIATE commands.


     To respond to a forms message, enter

     IO/1546/22/SP#11/LDEV# FOR #S93;OUTFILE ON HP 2608 (1)


     To reset the VFC to its original state, you must reference a
     file that contains default specifications (such as VFC6 in
     this example) by entering


     To set the left margin print position to column 4 (the
     installation defined default) enter