Commands to Manage Files

ALTSEC Changes a file's security provisions.
BUILD Creates and allocates a new, empty file on disk.
COPY Copies on file to another file.
DATA Enters data into the system from a device file.
FILE Declares file attributes for a file when it is opened.
LISTEQ Displays all active file equations for a job or session.
LISTF Displays the description of permanent files.
LISTFILE Declares the file attributes to be used when a file is opened.
LISTFTEMP Displays the description of temporary files.
PRINT Prints the contents of a file.
PURGE Removes a file from the system.
RELEASE Removes all security provisions from a file.
RENAME Changes the name of a file.
RESET Cancels file equations.
RESTORE Returns files stored on tape to the system.
SAVE Saves a file the permanent system file domain.
SECURE Restores security provisions to a file.
STORE Copies disk files onto magnetic tape for storage.