Compiles and links an HP FORTRAN 77/iX program.  HP FORTRAN
77/XL is not part of the 900 Series HP 3000 Computer System
Fundamental Operating Software and must be purchased separately.


     FTNXLLK [textfile][,[progfile][,[listfile]]]


textfile            Actual file designator of the input file from which
the source program is read. This can be any ASCII
input file. Formal file designator is FTNTEXT.
Default is $STDIN.

progfile Actual file designator of the program file to which
the linked program is written. When you omit
progfile, the MPE/iX LinkEditor creates the program
file, which will be stored in the temporary file
domain as $OLDPASS. If you do create your own
program file, you do so by specifying a nonexistent
file in the progfile parameter, in which case a
job/session permanent file of the correct size and
type is created.

listfile Actual file designator of the file to which the
program listing is written. This can be any ASCII
output file. Formal file designator is FTNLIST.
Default is $STDLIST.

quotedstring A parameter for the compiler. It is a quoted string
of no more than 255 characters (including the single
or double quote marks that enclose it). The info
string used in the HP FORTRAN 77/iX programming
language to pass initial compiler options to the HP
FORTRAN 77/iX compiler. HP FORTRAN 77/iX places a
single dollar sign ($) before the info string and
places the string before the first line of source
code in the text file.


The formal file designators used in this command (FTNTEXT, FTNOBJ,
FTNLIST) cannot be backreferenced as actual file designators in the
command parameter list.


     The FTNXLLK command compiles and links an HP FORTRAN 77/iX
program into a disk file. If you do not specify textfile,
HP FORTRAN 77/iX expects your input from your standard input
device. If you do not specify listfile, HP FORTRAN 77/iX
sends the listing output to your current list device.

The object file created during compilation is a system-
defined temporary file, $NEWPASS, which is passed directly
to the LinkEditor as $OLDPASS. The LinkEditor overwrites
progfile and writes the linked program to $OLDPASS, if
progfile is omitted, which can then be executed.

This command is implemented as a command file. If you set
the HPPATH variable to null (SETVAR HPPATH ""), the Command
File will not be executed, and the command will fail.

This command is recognized only if HP FORTRAN 77/iX is
installed on your system.

This command may be issued from a session, job, or program. It may
not be used in BREAK. Pressing [Break] suspends the execution of
this command. Entering RESUME continues the execution.


     The following example compiles and links an HP FORTRAN 77/iX
program entered through your standard input device and
stores the linked program in the file $OLDPASS. The listing
will be printed on your standard list device.


To compile and link an HP FORTRAN 77/iX source program from
the source file FORTSRC, storing it in FORTPROG, and sending
the listing to your standard list device, enter



Commands:   FTNXL, FTNXLGO

Manuals : HP FORTRAN 77/iX Reference (31501-90010)