Resumes header/trailer output to a device.


     HEADON ldev


ldev                The logical device number of the printer
                    affected by the command.


     Header and trailer information are the data that appear
     before and after a file, but which are not part of the
     file's text.  These data identify the file by session
     number, output spoolfile number, session name (if any),
     user, and account.  The data also list the date and time the
     file was produced.

     When the header/trailer facility is enabled, output is
     directed to a line printer, and MPE/iX automatically prints
     header and trailer pages identifying the job that produced
     the file.

     If the device is in use, your request to resume
     header/trailer output will take effect after the the current
     output is complete.

     The header/trailer facility is enabled on all coldloads.

     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command. It
     may be executed only from the console unless distributed to
     users with the ALLOW or ASSOCIATE commands.


     To resume header/trailer output to logical device number 6

     HEADON 6


Commands:   HEADOFF