Accesses the HELP subsystem.


Direct access

         [{udcfilename                }]
     HELP[{commandname[ keyword][,ALL]}]
         [{commandfilename            }]
         [{programfilename            }]
         [{SUMMARY                    }]
         [{CLASS                      }]
         [{HELPSTUDY                  }]

Interactive (subsystem) access

     >commandname {space or comma} keyword [,ALL]



     If you invoke HELP with no parameters, the HELP Facility will
 be interactive until you enter E or EXIT. Refer to OPERATION.

udcfilename Any existing UDC file. To display all UDCs within
a UDC file, specify the PRINT command. Refer to

commandname Any MPE/iX command. MPE/iX displays the command
name and syntax. In addition, a list of keywords
for that command is displayed.

The HELP command also provides help on UDCs,
command files, or program files. The search order
is UDCs, built-in commands (MPE/iX), command
files, and program files. The search order for
UDCs is user level, account level, and system
level. The search order for command files and
program files is determined by the contents of the
CI variable HPPATH. If the user's HPPATH does not
contain the name of the current group, the user
can print a command file from the current group,
but not get help information.

For UDCs and command files, HELP will display the
text of the User Command, unless the file contains
the NOHELP option. In those cases, the display will
be suppressed. In the case of program files, HELP
will display a header identifying it as a program
file and the fully qualified file name of the
program file.

keyword One of the keywords described under the command
parameter. All commands have the following

PARMS Lists all parameters of the specified

OPERATION Describes the use of the specified

EXAMPLE Displays an example showing usage of
the specified command.

ALL Displays all parameters, operation,
and an example of the command.

Entering the HELP command, followed by a command
name and the ALL parameter causes MPE/iX to display
all information for that command (syntax,
parameters, operation, and example). The keyword
parameter can be entered with a command, as in HELP
HELLO PARMS. In this case, PARMS is a keyword and
must be separated from the command with a space or
comma. The keyword parameter also can be entered
alone, if you are running the HELP subsystem in
subsystem mode, in response to the (>) prompt.

commandfilename Any existing command file. Refer to commandname,

programfilename Any existing program file. Refer to commandname,

SUMMARY A brief summary of changes found in MPE/iX,
including a quick overview of the operation of the
HELP Facility.

CLASS A list of MPE/iX commands by functional class.

HELPSTUDY A beginner's text designed to familiarize novice
users with the fundamentals of MPE/iX commands and
command syntax.

HELP The HELP Facility entry on the HELP command.

ALL Displays the entire table of contents and the
contents of each keyword for the HELP command.

EXIT Exits the HELP subsystem.


     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] aborts the execution of this command.

     The HELP command accesses the HELP subsystem.  If entered
     with no parameters, as in


     HELP enters the subsystem mode, displays a table of
     contents and greater-than (>) prompt, and awaits your input.
     Entering any command name produces the syntax for that
     command and a list of the keywords.  Entering a keyword such
     as PARMS produces a listing of all the items for that
     keyword (all parameters in this case).

     Entering E or EXIT or pressing [Break] terminates the HELP
     subsystem. Entering [CTRL] [Y] terminates the display, and
     returns you to a system prompt.  Entering [CTRL] [S]
     temporarily stops the display, and entering [CTRL] [Q]
     resumes the display (useful if the screen is full as when
     using a CRT terminal).  Pressing [Return] in subsystem mode
     causes MPE/iX to display information up to the next keyword
     or command.

     For example, after you enter STORE with the HELP command,
     MPE displays STORE syntax, the keyword list (PARMS,
     OPERATION, EXAMPLE) and provides a prompt (>). Pressing
     [Return] again causes MPE/iX to display all parameter
     information for the STORE command. Pressing [Return] again
     at the next prompt causes MPE/iX to display all OPERATION
     information for the STORE command.  (This is similar to
     turning the pages of a manual.)

     Entering HELP with a parameter causes HELP to enter the
     immediate mode.  Information pertaining to that parameter is
     displayed immediately.  For example


     causes HELP to display


     Aborts current program or operation.

     Syntax ABORT


     The first screen of the HELP Facility is called HELPMENU.
     It lists the choices available to you.  However, you can go
     directly from this first screen to any command found in the
     HELP Facility.  These choices permit you to review the
     operation of the HELP Facility and give you a brief overview
     of the changes found in the MPE/iX operating system.

     This is the layout of the first screen (HELPMENU)

                    This is the MPE/iX Help Facility

      >>>> Enter SUMMARY, CLASS, a commandname, or HELPSTUDY <<<<

     SUMMARY . . . . . . . . . . A summary of changes in MPE/iX.

     CLASS. . . . . . . . . .   Classes of Commands
                                SESSIONS, JOBS, FILES, SUBSYSTEMS, ETC.

     < command name >. . . . . . COMMAND entries, by name

     < command name >< keyword > COMMAND entry with keyword
                                 PARMS, OPERATION, EXAMPLE

     HELPSTUDY . . . . . . . . . A beginner's introduction to Help

     EXIT. . . . . . . . . . . . To leave the Help facility.

                   HELP has a hierarchical structure.
                   You can use UPPERCASE or lowercase.

     >>>>>>>>>>>  The name of this screen is HELPMENU  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     The SUMMARY screen presents more choices.  Again, you may go
     directly from this (or any other screen) to the command you
     want to find by entering the name of that command

     The screen called CLASS allows you to review commands listed
     by their functional class

                        COMMANDS LISTED BY CLASS

           Commands for                   Enter
           SESSIONS                       SESSIONS 
           JOBS                           JOBS 
           FILES                          FILES 
           DEVICES                        DEVICES 
           UTILITY FUNCTIONS              UTILITY 
           RESOURCES                      RESOURCES 
           OPERATOR COMMANDS              OPERATOR 
           SPOOLER COMMANDS               SPOOLER 

  You may at any time enter the name of a command to find that topic.
             You may enter SUMMARY to return to that topic


     If LINKALL is a command file, HELP will display the file
     this way

     User Defined command fileLINKALL.TEST.UI
     Parm streamflag=...

     If BENE.PUB.SYS is a program file, HELP will display this

     program file  BENE.PUB.SYS

     If the UDC LISTF contains the NOHELP option,

     option NOHELP

     The HELP command will suppress the listing of this UDC and
     bypass it.  As a result, the built-in command LISTF will be
     displayed from the HELP catalog


     Displays the description of one or more permanent files



Commands:   None

Manuals :   System Startup, Configuration, and Shutdown Reference
            Manual (32650-90042)