Commands to Manage Jobs and Sessions

ABORT Aborts the current program or operations.
ABORTJOB Aborts a job or session.
ABORTPROC Aborts one or more individual processes.
ACCEPT Permits designated device to accepts jobs/sessions/data
ALTJOB Alters the attributes of jobs waiting or scheduled.
BREAKJOB Suspends an executing job.
BYE Ends an interactive session.
CALC Evaluates an expression.
CHDIR Switches user from one directory to another.
CHGROUP Switches user from group to group within an account.
DO Used to edit/reexecute commands in the history stack.
:EOD Denotes end-of-data on input stream.
EOJ Ends a batch job.
EXIT Terminates one level of the command interpreter.
HELLO Initiates an interactive session.
JOB Initiates a batch job (stream but not interactive)
JOBFENCE Defines input priority for job or session to execute.
JOBPRI Sets or changes default/maximum job execution priority.
JOBSECURITY Restricts user resources and job execution.
LIMIT Limits the number of concurrent jobs/sessions.
LISTJOBQ Displays all the job queues in the system.
LISTREDO Displays the contents of the history stack.
=LOGOFF Aborts all executing jobs/sessions.
=LOGON Enables jobs/sessions after a =LOGOFF.
NEWCI Creates a new Command Interpreter (CI) process.
NEWJOBQ Creates a new job queue.
PURGEJOBQ Deletes the specified job queue.
REDO Edit/reexecute commands in the history stack.
RESUME Resumes execution of a suspended operation.
RESUMEJOB Resumes a suspended job.
SHOWJOB Displays Status information about jobs/sessions.
SHOWME Reports job/session status for a user logon.
SHOWTIME Displays the current time and date.
STARTSESS Creates a session on device for Prog. Sess. user.