Aborts all executing jobs/sessions and prevents any further logon.
     You may optionally specify one job or one session that is to
     remain logged on.


     =LOGOFF [#Snnn]


     =LOGOFF [#Jnnn]


#Snnn/#Jnnn         The number of the session or the job that is to
remain logged on after all others are aborted.
Default is that all sessions and all jobs are logged off.


This command sets the job and session execution limits to 0 and
aborts all jobs and sessions, including the session logged on to
the system console. You may leave one session or one job logged
on by specifying that session or job with the #Snnn/#Jnnn parameter.

Execution of this command leaves the system in a job/session
inactive state, unless you specify one job or session that is to
remain logged on. Job and session introduction is disabled. No
other jobs or sessions will be logged on until a [CTRL]A LOGON is entered.

Any pending requests that require a =REPLY from the system console
must be satisfied before issuing =LOGOFF, or MPE/iX will abort the requests.

It may be issued only from the physical console. Pressing [Break]
has no effect on this command.


     To abort all executing jobs/sessions, enter

     16.53/25/ALL JOBS LOGGED-OFF

     All jobs and sessions are now logged off.

     =LOGOFF #s2

     All jobs are logged off.  All sessions except #S2 are logged off.

     To simulate MPE's [CTRL]A logoff, follow these steps

     =LOGOFF #s1
     LIMIT 0,0

     This logs off all users except #S1 and allows only system manager
     (SM) and system supervisors (OP) to log on.  It is assumed here
     that the console operator controls #S1.


Commands:   =LOGON

Manuals :   Performing System Operation Tasks (32650-90137)