Commands to Manage Accounts, Groups, and Users

ALTACCT Changes the attributes of an existing account.
ALTGROUP Changes the attributes of an existing group.
ALTUSER Changes the attributes of an existing user.
CHDIR Changes the user's current working directory.
CHGROUP Changes the user's current logon group.
LISTACCT Displays information about specified account(s).
LISTGROUP Displays information about specified group(s).
LISTUSER Displays information about specified user(s).
NEWACCT Creates a new account.
NEWDIR Creates a new directory.
NEWGROUP Creates a new group.
NEWUSER Creates a new user.
PURGEACCT Removes an account(s) from the system.
PURGEDIR Removes one or more directories.
PURGEGROUP Removes a group(s) from the system.
PURGEUSER Removes a user(s) from the system.
REPORT Displays information about the logon account and group.