Creates a directory.


     NEWDIR [DIR=]dir_name


dir_name          The name of the directory that you are creating.
                  The dir_name is assumed to be an MPE name unless
                  it begins with a dot (.) or a slash (/), which
                  indicates an HFS directory.  The dir_name may not
                  end with a slash, have wildcard characters, or
                  reference a file equation.


                  Creates a directory named dir_name.  All parent
                  directories must already exist.  The new directory
                  inherits the group ID (GID) from its parent
                  directory, and the user ID (UID) from the user
                  creating the directory.  The special directory
                  entries dot (.) and dot-dot (..) are automatically
                  created under dir_name.

                  By default NEWDIR creates an MPE-named directory.
                  This means that dir_name must follow all MPE naming
                  rules, unless it is prefixed with a dot (.) or a
                  slash (/).  Since the MPE name syntax defines three
                  levels, fully (or partially) qualified MPE-named
                  directories can only be created under MPE groups.
                  Unqualified MPE-named directories are created
                  relative to the CWD.  Directories do not support
                  lockwords, file equations, or system defined
                  filenames  (e.g. $NEWPASS).  If dir_name begins
                  with a dot (.) or a slash (/), then HFS naming rules
                  are enforced.

                  The default access given to dir_name depends on
                  whether or not the cmask has been initialized.
                  If cmask is uninitialized then access is defined
                  by an explicit ACD, which grants all access to
                  $OWNER, and only RACD access to $GROUP,
                  $GROUP_MASK and other (@.@).  This is the behavior
                  from the CI.  If cmask is initialized then an ACD
                  is generated based on cmask.


     The following example creates an HFS-named directory called
     "dir1" by specifying the full pathname of the directory.


     The following example creates another HFS-named directory
     called "dir2" by specifying the POSIX syntax:

     NEWDIR ./dir2

     The following example creates an MPE-named directory called
     "DIR1" in the current working directory (CWD).  Note that MPE/iX
     upshifts the directory name when it creates the directory.

     NEWDIR dir1