Creates a new job queue.


     NEWJOBQ queuename
             [;LIMIT = numberjobs]


queuename         Name of the queue to be created. Queuenames can
                  contain only alphanumeric characters. Queuenames
                  can be up to 8 characters in length and longer
                  names will not be accepted. If a queue of
                  this name already exists, an error is indicated.

LIMIT             Maximum number of jobs that can be allowed in this queue.


     The NEWJOBQ command allows you to create a new job queue. You must
     have System Manager (SM) or Operator (OP) capability to execute the command.

     If specified, the ;LIMIT parameter sets the maximum number of jobs
     that can be allowed in the queue. Otherwise a value of zero is assumed.

     This command is available in a session, job, or in BREAK. Pressing
     [Break] has no effect on this command. This command is not allowed
     in SYSSTART.


         :NEWJOBQ MYJOBQ;limit=100