Defines a new user.  (CM)


NEWUSER username[.acctname]


username The name of the user. The name must consist of one
to eight alphanumeric characters, beginning with an
alphabetic character.

acctname Specifies account in which the user is to reside.
This parameter is available only to those users who
have System Manager (SM) capability.

password User password, used for verifying logon access only.
The password must consist of one to eight
alphanumeric characters, beginning with an
alphabetic character. Default is that no password
is assigned.

capabilitylist The list of capabilities, separated by commas,
permitted to this user. Each capability is
denoted by a two letter mnemonic, as follows

System Manager = SM
Account Manager = AM
Account Librarian = AL
Group Librarian = GL
Diagnostician = DI
System Supervisor = OP
Network Administrator = NA
Node Manager = NM
Save Files = SF
Access to nonsharable
I/O devices = ND
Use Volumes = UV
Create Volumes = CV
Use Communication
Subsystem = CS
Programmatic Sessions = PS
User Logging = LG
Process Handling = PH
Extra Data Segments = DS
Multiple RINs = MR
Privileged Mode = PM
Interactive Access = IA
Batch Access = BA

Capabilities assigned to the user with the ;CAP=
parameter cannot exceed those assigned the account.
If the account's capabilities are altered, any
capabilities removed from the account are denied to
the user. The user's capabilities are always
verified to be a subset of the account's at logon.
This prevents a user from being granted a capability
not assigned the account. Note that CV capability,
which allows users to define mountable nonsystem
volumes, also gives the user UV capability, so that
they may use mountable, nonsystem volumes. Default
is IA, BA, ND, SF.

subqueuename The name of the highest priority subqueue that any
job or session in the account can request for
executing processes. The subqueuename may be either
AS, BS, CS, DS, or ES. The priority specified for
the user in NEWUSER cannot be greater than that
specified for the account.

The subqueuename defined for the user is checked
against the subqueuename defined for the user's
account at logon. The lower priority of the two is
used as the maximum priority and restricts all
processes of the job/session. Also, the priority
requested by the user at logon is checked against
the subqueuename defined for that user, and the
lower of these two values is granted. Default is CS.


Processes capable of executing in the AS or BS
subqueues can deadlock the system. Assigning non-
priority system and user processes to these
subqueues can prevent the execution of critical
system processes. Exercise extreme caution in
assigning processes to these subqueues.

localattribute The local attribute of the user, as defined at the
installation site. This is a double word bit map of
arbitrary meaning that can be used to further
classify users. While it is not involved in
standard MPE/iX security provisions, it is available
to processes through the WHO intrinsic for use in
the programmer's own security provisions. The
NEWUSER command checks the local attributes of the
user with those of the account. Default is double
word 0 (null).

homegroupname The name of an existing group to be assigned as the
user's home group. If none is assigned, the user
must always specify a group when logging on.
Default is that no home group is assigned.

uid The user ID to be created for the account manager
in the user database. The uid must be an unique
positive (non zero) 32-bit integer. Default is
for MPE to create a value. Duplicate id numbers
are not allowed. The uid parameter provides file
owner class security for MPE/iX.


     The account manager uses the NEWUSER command to define an
     account member.  When the user is defined, the Account
     Manager may also assign the user a password, capabilities,
     and limit the user's use of system resources.  Parameters
     defining these values may also be omitted from the command
     line; in this case, the defaults will be assigned the user.

     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.


     To define a new user named LHSMITH, assign a password of
     SMITTY , and a home group of HOMEGPX, enter


     To define a new user named LHSMITH, assign a password of
     SMITTY, a home group of HOMEGPX, and assign a UID of 20,