Prepares a Compatibility Mode program from a User Subprogram
     Library (USL) file onto a program file.  (CM)


PREP uslfile,progfile
 [;ZERODB] [;CAP=capabilitylist]
[;PMAP] [;RL=filename]
[;MAXDATA=segsize] [;PATCH=patchsize]
[;STACK=stacksize] [;NOSYM]
[;DL=dlsize] [{;FPMAP }]


uslfile Actual file designator of User Subprogram Library
(USL) file into which program has been compiled.

progfile Actual file designator of program file onto which
prepared program segments are written. This can be
any binary output file created in one of two ways:

o By using the MPE/iX BUILD command to create a
new file and specifying a file code of PROG or
1029, and one extent.

o By specifying a nonexistent file in the progfile
parameter, in which case a file of the correct
size and type is created. This file is a
temporary file.

ZERODB Request to initialize to zero the initially defined,
user managed (DL-DB) area of the stack, as well as
the uninitialized portions of the DB-Q (initial).
Default is that these areas are not affected.

PMAP Request to produce a descriptive listing of the
prepared program to a file whose formal file
designator is $SEGLIST. If no FILE command is
found referencing $SEGLIST, the listing is produced
on $STDLIST. Default is no listing.

segsize Maximum permitted stack area (Z-DL) in words. This
parameter should be included when it is expected
that the size of DL-DB or Z-DB areas will be changed
during program preparation or execution. Regardless
of what you specify, MPE/iX may change the segsize
to accommodate table overflow conditions.

If you prepare your program with segsize less than
the configured minimum, the value is rounded up to
the minimum or the amount needed by the program (as
calculated by the MPE Segmenter). The maximum
actual segsize permitted a program is 31,232 words.
You may prepare your program with a segsize larger
than necessary so long as this maximum is not
exceeded. If the specified segsize does exceed the
maximum, it will be rounded down to 31,232 words.

stacksize Size of initial local data area (Z-Q initial) stack,
in words. This value, if specified, must be between
511 and 32767 words. This parameter overrides the
default stacksize estimated by the MPE Segmenter.

dlsize DL-DB area to be initially assigned to stack. This
area is of interest mainly in programmatic
applications. Due to system logging considerations,
the DL-DB area is always rounded upward so that the
distance from the beginning of the stack data
segment to the DB-address is a multiple of 128
words. The value you specify must be within -1 and
32767 words. The default is estimated by the MPE

capabilitylist Capability class attributes associated with a
program, specified as two-character mnemonics. If
more than one mnemonic is specified, each must be
separated from its neighbor by a comma. The
mnemonics are

IA Interactive Access
BA Local Batch Access
PH Process Handling
DS Data Segment Management
MR Multiple Resource Management
PM Privileged Mode

Note that you can specify only those capabilities as
assigned by the account manager or system manager.
Default is IA and BA.

filename Actual file designator of the relocatable library
(RL) file to be searched to satisfy external
references during preparation. This can be any
permanent binary file of type RL. It need not
belong to your logon group, nor have a reserved
local name. This file, to which you must have READ
and LOCK access, yields a single segment that is
incorporated into the segments of the program file.
For more information, refer to the MPE Segmenter
Reference Manual (30000-90011). Default is that no
library is searched.

patchsize Specifies the size of the patch area. This size will
apply to all segments within the program file. The
value you specify must be within -1 and 16380 words.

NOSYM Suppresses the symbolic DEBUG option. Refer to the
HPToolset/V Reference Manual (32350-90001).

FPMAP or NOFPMAP Includes or excludes the internal PMAP information.
FPMAP is a request to have internal PMAP information
included in the program. NOFPMAP excludes PMAP
information from the program when the system FPMAP
or job/session FPMAP is on. If the symbolic DEBUG
option is invoked, default is FPMAP. Otherwise the
default is NOFPMAP.


     The PREP command prepares a compiled source program for
     execution.  Unless you prepare the program into a previously
     created program file, PREP creates a temporary program file
     for you.  It is a good idea to specify a nonexistent program
     file when you issue the PREP command.  This way, MPE/iX
     will create a file of the optimum size and characteristics.
     (Refer to the "EXAMPLE" section.)

     A compiled program is prepared by searching a relocatable
     library (RL) to satisfy references to external procedures
     required by the program.  When the program is prepared, such
     procedures are linked to the program in the resulting
     program file.  To use a relocatable library (RL), you must
     have READ and LOCK access to it.

     This command may be issued from a session, job, or program.  It may
     not be used in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] suspends the execution of
     this command.  Entering RESUME continues the execution.


The segmenter employs temporary files named T999SYM, SEGTMP01,
and SEGTM.


     The following example prepares a program from the USL file
     USLX and stores it in the program file PROGX.  Since you are
     creating PROGX when you issue the PREP command, it is a
     temporary file, and must subsequently be saved to remain in
     the permanent file domain.


     In this case, the MPE Segmenter created your program file.
     Although you will get the best results this way, you can use
     the BUILD command to create your own permanent program
     file.  When you do so, be sure to specify a file code of
     PROG or 1029 and a numextents parameter value of  1, as
     shown below


     To prepare a program from the USL file named USLZ and store
     it in a program file named PROGZ, list the prepared program,
     assign a stacksize of 511 words, and limit access to PROGZ
     to those users having IA, BA, PH and DS capability enter



Commands:   PREPRUN

Manuals :   MPE Segmenter Reference Manual (32650-60026)