Commands to Manage System and CI Programming

COMMENT Inserts a comment into a job stream, UDC or script.
or #
CONTINUE Overrides a job error to continue execution.
ECHO Displays a message to $STDLIST.
ELSE Provides alternative execution sequence for IF.
ELSEIF Provides alternative execution sequence for IF.
ENDIF Terminates an IF block.
ENDWHILE Terminates a WHILE block.
ERRCLEAR Zeroes out all Hewlett-Packard predefined variables.
ESCAPE Causes a UDC/script to exit back to the job or session
level CI with the ability to force an error condition.
IF Controls execution sequence in job/command file/UDC.
INPUT Reads $STDIN input into a variable. Input can come from
a terminal, file or the system console.
LINK Creates an executable NM program file.
OCTCOMP Converts compiled MPE V/E program in NM code for MPE/iX.
PAUSE Sleep for a number of seconds or until a job completes.
PREP Prepares a compiled CM source program for execution.
PREPRUN Prepares and executes a CM program compiled in a USL file.
RETURN Causes a UDC/script to return to its caller.
RUN Executes a specified program.
WHILE Loop while a condition is true.
XEQ Execute a script or program file. XEQ is necessary when the
file has the same name as a UDC or built in MPE command.

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