Releases a file from file access matrix access control.
     This command does not affect access control defined by
     lockwords or access control definitions (ACDs).  It cannot
     be used on directories.

     The file matrix access is not enforced until the file is
     secured with the MPE/iX SECURE command.  (CM)


     RELEASE filereference


filereference       Actual file designator of the file whose security
                    provisions are to be suspended, written in this format


                    If the file has a lockword, it must be specified.
                    If you do no specify a lockword you will be prompted
                    for one.  If groupname.acctname is not specified,
                    MPE/iX assumes the logon group and account.


This command removes all security provisions for a file at
all levels (file, group, and account) and allows any user in
the system unlimited access to the file. The exception is
privileged files; they cannot be released. Other users will
have access to the file until its original security
provisions are restored with the SECURE command. The file
remains accessible after the job or session ends. It also
remains accessible after a system failure, unless the system
is restarted with a SYSGEN tape created before the RELEASE
command was issued for the file. An ACD overrides file access
matrix controls regardless of whether or not the file has been
released. This command can be used only for permanent files on
 disk whose labels identify you as the creator of the file.
 In addition, the RELEASE command will fail if the group's home
 volume set is not mounted. When the default MPE/iX security
 provisions are in effect, the file must be in your logon account
 and must belong to your logon or home group. Files outside MPE
groups are protected by explicit or implicit ACDs.
For more information about ACDs refer to the ALTSEC command.

You may use the LISTFILE command to see if a file has been
secured or released. The content and format of LISTFILE
output depends upon the listing level you specify. Your ability
to check passwords depends upon your capabilities.
Refer to the LISTFILE command.

This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.


     To release all security provisions for the file named FILE1,
     in your logon group and account MAC.TECHPUBS, enter


     If MPE/iX fails to locate the file, the following error
     message is displayed



Commands:   SECURE, ALTSEC

Manuals :   Performing System Management Tasks (32650-90004)
            Performing System Operation Tasks (32650-90137)