Cancels file equations.  (CM)


     RESET {formaldesignator}
           {@               }


formaldesignator A formal file designator name in the form
file[.group[.account]] [nodespec], for which a
FILE command has previously been issued. The
nodespec portion may be an environment identifier
indicating the location of the file, or it may be
$BACK. Specifying $BACK means that the file resides
one "hop" back toward your local system (which may
be the local system itself).

@ Signifies all formal file designators specified in
all FILE commands previously issued in this session
or job.


     The RESET command resets a formal file designator to its
     original meaning, canceling any FILE command that has been
     issued for this formal file designator earlier in the
     current session or job.

     This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
     in BREAK.  Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.


The nodespec parameter is not part of the 900 Series HP 3000 Computer
System Fundamental Operating System. The NS3000/XL AdvanceNet subsystem
must be purchased separately. The nodespec parameter is optional; if
you do not have NS3000/XL AdvanceNet, omitting the nodespec parameter
will make no difference in the performance of the RESET command.
However, specifying nodespec on a system that does not have NS3000/XL
will produce an error.


     To cancel the effects of a previous FILE command that
     specified characteristics for a file programmatically
     referred to as ALPHA enter



Commands:   FILE