Commands to Manage System Resources

ALLOCATE Loads a CM program or procedure into main memory.
ALLOW Enables a user to access a specific operator command.
ALTPROC Changes characteristics for the specified processes.
CONSOLE Moves the system console from another terminal.
DEALLOCATE Deallocates program or procedure loaded with ALLOCATE.
DISALLOW Prohibits access to specified operator command.
DISCRPS Enables/disables Rotational Position Sensing on device.
ERRDUMP Dumps a process or system error stack.
FREERIN Release a global Resource Identification Number.
GETRIN Acquires a global Resource Identification Number.
OUTFENCE Defines minimum priority to print an output spoolfile.
PAUSE Suspends current activity for specified time (seconds).
RECALL/=RECALL Displays all pending resource request messages.
REPLY/=REPLY Reply to pending resource request message at console.
RESETACCT Resets system counters for an account to zero.
SETCLOCK Alters the system time or system time zone.
SETCOUNTER Sets the next value of a specified resource counter.
SHOWALLOW Displays the operator commands allowed (ALLOW).
SHOWCLOCK Displays information about the system date and time.
SHOWPROC Displays information about processes.
SHOWQ Displays process scheduling data and subqueue contents.
=SHUTDOWN Initiates a shutdown of MPE/iX.
SHUTDOWN Initiates a shutdown and optional restart of MPE/iX.
TUNE Changes filter/priority limits for circular subqueues.