Defines elements of the Command Interpreter. It also allows
a job using a spooled $STDLIST to mark its standard list
device for deletion when the job terminates.



{ 300}
{ 1200}
{ 2400}
[;SPEED ={ 4800}]
{ 9600}


DELETE Flags the job's $STDLIST for deletion at job termination.

SAVE Cancels the effect of a previous SET STDLIST=DELETE
command. Default is SAVE.

ECHO Turns terminal echoing ON or OFF. (These function
were accomplished with "[ESC][]" and "[ESC][;]" in
MPE V/E. They are not supported in MPE/iX.)

MSG Specifies whether or not TELL messages are
displayed on the user's terminal. MSG=OFF will
prevent TELL messages from appearing on the
terminal. However, WARN messages will override
MSG=OFF and will appear on the terminal. (This
parameter provides the same function as the SETMSG command.)

SPEED Specifies the terminal's data transmission rate,
within the upper and lower bounds outlined above.
The user is still responsible for manually changing
the terminal's speed setting. (This parameter
provides the same function as the SPEED command.)


SET specifies several elements of the Command Interpreter
including the terminal echo and baud rate.

In a job, the SET command can be placed anywhere between
the JOB and EOJ statements. It is most practical to place
it at the end of a job stream since the command will not
execute if the job fails. $STDLIST will then print,
allowing you to study your listing, and locate the problem.
The effect of a SET STDLIST=DELETE can be reversed by
entering SET STDLIST=SAVE into the job stream. Note that
the SET command works only on jobs with a spooled $STDLIST.
The ECHO, MSG, and SPEED parameters duplicate existing MPE
V/E commands, but appear in the SET command to maintain
uniformity. ECHO=ON replaces "[ESC][]" and ECHO=OFF
replaces "[ESC][;]", which are used in MPE V/E to turn
echoing on or off.

This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.




Commands:   SETMSG, SPEED

Manuals :   Performing System Operation Tasks (32650-90137)