Arms the system DEBUG facility for a process abort.


     SETDUMP [DB [,ST [,QS]]] [;ASCII] [;DEBUG="commands"]


DB                  This parameter is ignored.

ST This parameter is ignored.

QS This parameter is ignored.

ASCII This parameter is ignored.

"commands" A string of system debug commands surrounded by
quote marks. Please refer to DEBUG.


     This command enables the STACKDUMP facility for any process
created later under the current session or job. If the call
is armed (enabled), and the process aborts, SETDUMP will
execute the system debug commands given in the "commands" parameter.

If no commands are specified, a default command string is
used to produce a stacktrace and register dump.

If the process is interactive, it will subsequently enter
the system debugger to wait for further commands. If it is
not interactive, the process will simply terminate instead
of entering the debugger.

Any combination of the four strings (DB, ST, QS, or ASCII) is
parsed without errors in MPE/iX, but they have no effect no
the functional behavior of the commands. The "commands"
string, preceded by the DEBUG keyword, is interpreted as a
series of system debug commands and is sent to the system
debugger that way.

The "commands" parameter may contain a maximum of 255 characters.

This command may be issued from a session, job, program, or
in BREAK. Pressing [Break] has no effect on this command.


The DB, ST, QS and ASCII parameters are retained for compatibility
reasons. These parameters will be ignored.



Manuals : System Debug Reference Manual (32650-90013)